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24-Hour Towing Service McAllen
724 Towing Services McAllen

We mean it when we say we offer 24-hour tow services in greater McAllen. Our affordable rates stay the same regardless of when you call, and our reliable drivers are available to offer you cheap towing services 24/7/365 in sunshine, rainstorms, cold winters, or heavy snowfall — at least heavy for this area. Simply give 724 Towing Services McAllen a call or fill out the free instant quote to get in touch, and we’ll be on our way to help you soon.

Roadside Assistance McAllen

724 Towing Services McAllen is the company to call if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Our team is equipped to service all cars and medium-sized trucks made by all manufacturers, and we’re skilled at changing flat tires, opening car doors if you’ve locking your keys inside, bringing a couple gallons of gas when you’ve run out, jumping dead batteries, and more. 

Sometimes you need towing services if you haven’t been in an auto accident. That classic car you’ve been restoring in your garage might need to take a ride on a flatbed to maintain its low mileage and resale value, for example, or the truck that died in your backyard years ago might need to be hauled to the junkyard. Maybe you bought a new car in the next town but are just too busy to pick it up. Whatever the situation, 724 Towing Services McAllen can safely and efficiently transport any vehicle to your destination of choice. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation quote.

Accidents Towing McAllen

No one wakes up expecting to get into a fender bender. An accident can happen at any time, too, whether you’re on your way to work, running errands, buying groceries, or on vacation. At 724 Towing Services McAllen, we understand you are already stressed and probably shaken up. Towing your vehicle to your body shop of choice is what we do best. Our professional team springs into action the moment you call to ensure we arrive at the scene as soon as possible — usually within 30 minutes — to offer you an affordable car towing lifeline.

Fuel Delivery McAllen

At one time or another, it happens; you are going about your day running errands, rushing to class, dropping off the kids, or going to work and you run out of fuel.  If you are lucky, you run out of fuel near a gas station, but it is completely possible that you might find yourself on the side of the road, in a shopping mall parking lot, at home, or on a country road in the middle of nowhere.

Local Towing Services in McAllen, Texas

724 Towing Services McAllen is proud to serve the greater McAllen area with 24-hour local towing and roadside assistance services. Our team is your go-to when an emergency that leaves you stuck on the side of the road or locked outside your vehicle in a supermarket parking lot. We work hard to provide exceptional service, reasonable rates, and dependable local drivers each and every time you need a tow. Aside from the services mentioned here, you can always rely on us for other essential roadside services such as lock out, mobile mechanic, accident among many more.

McAllen’s Go-To For Local Towing Services

When you work with the professional team at 724 Towing Services McAllen, you get access to local towing and roadside assistance services you know you can count on. We’ve been offering greater McAllen the following for years

724 Towing Services McAllen, a 24-hour tow truck service located in McAllen, Texas, is your go-to when you have an emergency that leaves you stranded. Call us for towing McAllen, tow truck McAllen, roadside assistance McAllen, jumpstart, tire change, flat tire repair, fuel delivery, lock out services, mobile auto repair, mobile truck repair services.

724 Towing Services McAllen is the company to call if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Our team is equipped to service all cars and medium-sized trucks made by all manufacturers, and we’re skilled at changing flat tires, opening car doors if you’ve locking your keys inside, bringing a couple gallons of gas when you’ve run out, jumping dead batteries, and more. We tackle the simplest or most difficult breakdown situations, getting you back on the road in no time.


724 Towing Services McAllen is in business to help get you back on the road or towed to safety as soon as possible, and that means whenever you need us. Our team prides itself on being ready to spring into action whenever someone calls us for help, and that includes any time of day or night and in any type of weather. The team at 724 Towing Services McAllen is available 24-7 and in any weather conditions. Give us a call and we’ll be on our way to help you as soon as possible. We accept most major payment forms, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and cash, and always provide receipts for your records.

It happens when you least expect it, and usually when you’re completely unprepared. You’re on your way to work, headed to a family member’s home for a barbecue, driving to some other appointment or event, and then, before you know it, you’re sidelined. It might be because you ran out of gas, your tire went flat, or you had some other sort of engine trouble, or maybe you got into a fender bender and your car out of commission. Whatever the reason, you’re stuck and you know you need help.

If you find yourself needing any type of emergency roadside assistance services or even vehicle recovery services that utilize our flatbed tow truck, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 724 Towing Services McAllen. We pride ourselves on being the best towing company in the Greater McAllen area by providing our customers with a wide range of towing services, professionally trained technicians, and quality, affordable pricing.

Here at our towing service, we would rather provide value to our customers through the quality and affordable towing services and emergency roadside assistance services than to just make a quick buck. We pride ourselves on being the best towing service in McAllen. Need assistance, give us a call right away at 724 Towing Services McAllen.

WHY HIRE US? BEST TOWING COMPANY IN MCALLEN You probably already have more than enough reasons to hire our professional team at 724 Towing Services McAllen, but we want to highlight what sets us apart from other McAllen towing services. First and foremost, we are the most responsive towing company in McAllen. As we are available round the clock, you can contact us any time of day and night, and you can rest assured that we will respond to your inquiry coming to assist you with your rescue right of way. Whether that is through our emergency roadside assistance services or vehicle recovery services using our flatbed tow truck, we make sure to staff our support towing technicians 24/7. Also for us, we make sure our roadside assistance services and vehicle recovery need not be determined by the time of day or condition of weather. Another reason that gives us an edge over similar towing service providers is our highly sophisticated equipment and professional staff. We believe in excellent service delivery and as such, we have state-of-the-art machinery that are geared towards specific towing service and vehicle recovery needs. Our equipment does not only get the work done quickly, but also in a safe manner so you do not experience any further problems with your car once you have paid for our services. Our staff are professionally trained, with due licenses and insurance covers from relevant authorities. If that doesn’t come with some peace of mind, then surely nothing will.


Our McAllen tow trucks are standing by… Ready to assist you as soon as you call comes in. We are a local 24/7 towing and recovery service operation based in McAllen. We will always keep our customers in mind because safety and great service is our number one concern.

Here at 724 Towing Services McAllen we believe in making this stressful situation as painless as it can be. Some companies charge more for the most basic recovery services and many times you end up paying more out of pocket , And might end up with no vehicle for a period of time. If you contract the wrong towing service and they take it to a mechanic’s shop who isn’t very concerned about your vehicle then you’re put into an even worse situation. Our towing service strives to do all that we can to prevent you from having to give up your car for a few days. We offer a wider range of services to our customers than the competition and that is what sets us apart from other McAllen tow truck company’s. When calling other towing providers in the McAllen make sure that you always, ask a ton of questions to make sure that there will be no surprises not only on cost but also on the condition of your vehicle. You want to make sure that you are not getting any surprises from the location that your vehicle is being hooked up to the delivery destination of your choice, So please ASK anything you want and get the right answers, If not call us to take care of you asap. 

We Pay Cash For Junk Cars McAllen, NM. Any Time.

We are ready when you call us for help to get your vehicle to a safe location so you’re able to get it back up and running on the road again. When your vehicle is down you don’t have money to spare working with low-quality careless companies that have higher prices. Frankly you don’t have the time to waste either because having a vehicle is important in so many aspects. You risk not only having damage done to your vehicle, but you may have damage to someone else’s property if the tow truck driver didn’t hook up the vehicle in the correct way. When you work our towing service you are guaranteed quality work.

Tire Changing McAllen

If you were taught how to change a tire that’s awesome, but sometimes the average person could go years without ever having to put those skills to the test therefore losing those skills that they learned. As a result of never using the skills if you encounter a flat tire you may not know what to do, or you may lack the tools necessary to perform the tire change. Our towing service is here to assist you with your flat tire. Changing a flat tire on the side of the road is not only inconvenient, but it can also be very dangerous. 

Complete Towing ​ McAllen

Whether you have found yourself in a situation where you are stranded on the side of the road, or your vehicle just simply does not want to start, we are always available and ready to assist you 24/7. 

Our Vehicle Recovery service is always available specially after hours towing. We offer the best services at a very affordable prices. Our company covers the McAllen, of St. Paul, and McAllen, TX. so that we are able to provide our help to a wide range of clientele metro wide. You never know when and where you are going to need us so we try and make ourselves available to you. Providing convenient options for service keeps our customers happy and that is our number one concern. Our main services that we offer are flatbed truck towing, wrecker towing, and emergency roadside assistance available 24/7. ​​

For Fast 24/7 Recovery Assistance Call Us At (956) 587-3435

We’re on call 24- hours a day to come to the rescue. Whether you need a towing and recovery,  jump start, gas delivery, or even  a tire changed we are here to help!

After you have experienced the high level of quality and customer care from us you will not want to go back to any other tow service providers in the Metro area. You be surprised to find out how fast we respond to your call. We show up and hook your vehicle up properly to prepare it for transport. You will be on your way assured and relieved to know that our Towing Service took care of you when you needed it the most.

If you have a scrap car please get in touch with junk cars McAllen to get a top dollar and FREE towing for your junker today

$75 – $125 ($2 to $4 Per Mile)

Tow truck companies charge a minimum base fee of $50 for local towing or 5 or 10 miles, or a $75 hook-up fee and $2 to $4 per mile for long distance towing. Prices depend if it’s a car, motorcycle, or heavy-duty vehicle, and the total mileage. Get free estimates from tow truck services near you.

Towing Company Cost

The average cost to hire a tow truck service is $75 to $125. Most towing companies have a minimum charge of $50 for the first 5 to 10 miles, then $2 to $4 per mile after. Factors to consider in towing a car are distance, type of vehicle, and the time of day.


  • National Average Cost $95
  • Minimum Cost $50
  • Maximum Cost $300
  • Average Range $75 to $125

Average Towing Cost Per Mile McAllen

Most tow companies charge between $50 to $125 for a five or ten-mile local tow, or a $75 hook-up fee and $2 to $4 per mile for long-distance towing. The average 40-mile tow will range from $125 to $250. Before you call a tow truck company, check your car insurance policy. It may include a tow truck service, in which case your cost to tow a car could be free!

There are a few key factors that determine the cost of a tow truck service—mostly how far it needs to be towed and how big the vehicle is. Prices can vary by region and company. In some areas there are legal limits on towing fees but here are the average prices.


  • Miles Average Cost
  • 5 $35 to $125
  • 10 $65 to $125
  • 20 $105 to $185
  • 50 $165 to $300
  • 100 $325 to $450

    AAA Towing Cost McAllen

    Membership with a roadside assistance company can range from $52–$144 per year with nationally known companies such as AAA, AARP, and All-State Motor Club. Most of these service providers will cover the cost of towing your vehicle up to 100 miles. There are many roadside assistance companies that you can join. Each company has various programs and expenses, but they all offer services such as: towing, gas refills, jumpstarts, and flat tire repair services.


Tow truck companies usually have a minimum charge to cover their business costs such as gas. This minimum rate of about $50 usually includes a towing distance of between 5–10 miles. Each company has a different minimum mileage amount included, so be sure to ask when you speak with your local company.

Size of Vehicle

The size of your car to be towed may also affect the price. A standard fee includes a 4-door sedan, but often trucks and large SUVs have an additional charge. Each company varies, so check with your local company for a more accurate estimate. Typically, the extra cost is between $10–$35.

Time of Day

Another factor to consider in the cost of a tow is the time of day. After-hours towing typically starts at 8 or 9 p.m. and ends between 6–8 a.m. Each company’s after-hours service varies. Some companies’ additional cost is as low as $5. Others charge up to a $150 one-time fee.

Roadside Assistance Cost McAllen

As the name suggests, roadside assistance companies help with all the needs you may have if your car is acting up. They can help with many roadside needs, such as replacing a flat tire and jumpstarting a car. Roadside assistance is also a reliable service if you need a tow truck. These companies have relationships with local tow truck companies and will refer you to the one nearest you. Also, some credit card companies and auto manufacturers offer a free towing service for all their customers.




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